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Diakur Plus - diarrhoea 100g
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Diakur Plus - diarrhoea 100g
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Diakur Plus is a professional remedy in management of (infectious) diarrhoea in herbivores. It is a highly effective rehydration agent, and a valuable source of nutrition for sick animals. It combats negative energy balance and acidosis*, and improves the digestive function. The product contains citrus fibers with unique hydrophobic properties. These fibers are capable of inactivating pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria that cause (often fatal) enteritis in small animals.
The pleasant taste is appreciated by rabbits and rodents.

Instruction: Dissolve 10 g of the product in 200 ml water (do not alter the prescribed proportions). Feed 10-20 ml every 2-3 hours, dependent on the severity of the condition.

Suggestion: Use Diakur Plus solution instead of water to prepare other (herbal) formulae (e.g. Bowel Boost or Plantain in diarrhoea).

Composition: glucose 57%, citrus pulp 15%, sodium chloride 5%, inactivated yeast 2%, potassium chloride 2%, lecithin 6%, sodium bicarbonate 4%, silicon dioxide 3%, sodium citrate 2%, glycine 1%, xanthan gum 1%, flavouring, antioxidant E324.

Analysis: crude protein 3.2%, crude fat 5.6%, cellulose 2.5%, minerals 13.6%, glucose 57%, K 1.3%, Na 4.2%, Cl 3.8%.

Net weight: 100 g.

*Negative energy balance and increased acidity of blood (acidosis) are fatal consequences of shortage of nutrients in diarrhoea, anorexia etc. Diakur Plus helps to solve these problems, and therefore it can be also used in pregnancy toxaemia, as well as in other cases of acidosis.
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